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Sales Leadership Programs

As the sales leader, you have been chosen to establish the direction and align your salesforce.

Congratulations! Your leadership potential and keen insight have been recognized. Now it's time to put your strategy and superior skills into action.

The character traits you possess, like desire and ambition, focus and follow through, have shaped your high standards of performance. Now you will have the opportunity to leverage those ten fold...

To take those steps forward and reach those dizzying heights, you also will need direction, commitment and determination. As such, we take this responsibility very seriously and have a slightly different approach than most other trainer companies or consultants.

Most talk about the tactics of leadership - the "how to" lead, etc. We start with the "why." The impact you can make for your reps, your company and your customers. We believe in a bigger calling - leadership with multiple impact.

"Triple Impact Sales Leadership" might be the name of one of our courses - but it's more of a mind-set. A philosophy. A calling. It guides you from the inside-out.

Sales Management Courses and Topics

Triple Impact Sales LeadershipTMlearn World-Class leadership skills and Best Practices strategies for building your sales team. Whether you are new to Sales Management or have years of experience with multiple reports, your role is to make an impact on your sales team, your company and your customers. The Sales Coach - Triple Impact Sales LeadershipTM program will help you meet those three objectives and still have balance in your life. We’ll guide you through a series of thought processes, analytics, and exercises that accelerate your success journey. This course also includes Follow-up Coaching sessions.

Coaching Reps UP!TM
is a dynamic program for Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, or Human Resource Executives responsible for the growth and development of Sales Reps, Account Managers, or those who “produce” revenue for the company. Based on the work of Michael J Galante, The Sales Coach – we’ll provide you with a proven model for creating confident, self-sufficient team players that will propel your organization to new heights. This program includes coaching insights, communication tips, interview and coaching questions, performance standards, personnel development plans, coaching worksheets, sample forms, and much, much, more.  (LIVE Online option - click here)